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Sample Question


Choose the correct statement regarding the PostgreSQL manual.

  1. Only an English version of PostgreSQL manual exists.
  2. Because the Japanese PostgreSQL manual contains many mistakes introduced by its machine translation from the English version of the manual, the English version should be utilized where possible.
  3. The Japanese PostgreSQL manual is professionally translated from English and is available free of charge.
  4. The Japanese PostgreSQL manual is translated from English by volunteers and available free of charge.
  5. Because Japanese engineers work on PostgreSQL, the manual is authored in Japanese during software development, it is translated into English and released overseas.

※This sample exam is different from those that appear in the actual OSS-DB Exam.

Answer and Explanation

Engineers from all over the world, including Japan, are involved in the development of PostgreSQL. However, manuals are initially written in English and then translated into other languages. English manuals are located at the following site, along with links to French and Japanese versions.

Volunteers (mostly technicians using PostgreSQL) from PostgreSQL User Groups in Japan are usually responsible for the translation of Japanese manuals and are released on PostgreSQL User Group's site.

So, the correct answer is D.

Contributing to the development of PostgreSQL itself can be challenging; where participating in the translation of manuals or improving the quality of translated manuals can be more easily achieved.
Participation in community activities can be very rewarding and you are encouraged to do so.