Sample Exam Questions

From the objective of OSS-DB Exam Silver
- Operation management - configuration file

Sample Question


Please choose two correct answers about configuring the postgresql.conf file.

  1. Boolean type parameters must be set to true or false in lowercase letters

  2. Units of kB, MB, GB can be specified for parameters concerning memory

  3. All  setting parameters relating to time are specified in seconds
  4. Lines with a # at the beginning is a comment line

  5. Parameter settings end with a semicolon like below.  If there is no semicolon, it continues to the next line.

       param1 = val1;

※This sample exam is different from those that appear in the actual OSS-DB Exam.

Answer and Explanation

The postgreSQL server parameters are set in the file postgresql.conf.

The parameters are

param1 = val1

Specify only one on a single line in a format.

A line with a # at the beginning of the line is regarded as a comment line and ignored.

Since there are various types of parameters such as logical value, integer, floating point, character string, enumeration type, please be careful as to which type of parameter you are trying to set.

Parameter names are not distinguished between uppercase and lowercase letters.

Values are boolean types, enumerations are not case sensitive, but other types are distinguished.

Boolean types can be on, off, true, false, yes, no, 1, 0 and their initials (t, f, y, n) in uppercase or lowercase letters.

When specifying memory and time, specifying only numerical values will use the default unit, but the default depends on the parameter. When specifying units explicitly, kB, MB, GB can be used in memory, ms (milliseconds), s (seconds), min (minute), h (hour), d (day) in time. Since case is distinguished, pay particular attention to kB (k is lower case letter, B is upper case letter).


Therefore, the correct answers are B and D.


For details, please refer to the manual.