Advantages of Acquiring Certification 
"Prospects of Open Source Software Database (OSS-DB)"

<Market trend> Why is there a demand for OSS-DB engineers?

Advancing Transition from Commercial Database to
Open Source Software Database

OSS-DB has been strengthened continuously and contains similar points with the commercial database in both function and performance. It is now the most widely used in mission-critical platform systems.
With a wider selection of databases, an era has approached where people can now select a database suitable for their desired function, performance and cost.
The transition from commercial database to OSS-DB is rapidly advancing, reflecting the demands for optimized cost, efficiency in work, shorter implementation time, etc.
We are now at a time where a OSS-DB can be selected because it is suitable for its desired function, performance and costs.

Open Source Software Database Acquires Dominant
Share of Web Application

Most Web applications are constructed by a combination of Linux, OSS-DB and open source middleware, as symbolized by the terms LAPP/LAMP. More than 60% of companies use OSS-DB for Web application.

OSS-DB Engineers Considered in Short Supply Relative
to Demands for Database

More than 45% of companies face shortages in OSS-middleware engineers. Although the need of OSS-DB is growing, the reality is such that there are not enough engineers.

The OSS-DB professional certification was developed to certify database engineers most needed by companies.

Engineers needed by companies are:

  • Those who are capable of advising a customer on an optimum database system and constructing/operating it with knowledge on various databases including commercial RDBMS.
  • Those who are capable of constructing a mission-critical system utilizing the usability of OSS-DB (cost optimization, increase in work efficiency, shorter implementation time, etc.).

Certified OSS-DB engineers are:

  • Those who understand the OSS-DB characteristics and are capable of selecting an appropriate RDBMS for each demand.
  • Those who are capable of designing, developing, implementing and operating a system using OSS-DB.
  • Those who can construct a large-scale system which enables scale out using OSS-DB.
  • Those who can operate OSS-DB (performance tuning, troubleshooting, etc.) on a mission-critical system.

Certified OSS-DB engineers are assumed to be capable
of fulfilling the following jobs.


  • IT architect
  • Project management
  • IT specialist
  • Application specialist
  • Software development
  • Customer service
  • IT service management
  • Education

OSS-DB Silver

  • IT specialist
  • Application specialist
  • Software development
  • Customer service
  • IT service management
  • Education


According to the common career/skill framework of "IT Skill Standard (ITSS)", the OSS-DB professional certification exam is effective over a wide range of jobs as shown below.